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To hug your baby's
wheel for added stability

Felt Lined

To protect your baby's
wheel from damage


To accommodate
tires up to 2.5” wide


100% recycled plastic
& anodized aluminum

Bike Cradle bike stand product photo

The Bike Cradle™

A Space-Saving Bike Stand

Finally, a high-quality bike stand that's worthy of keeping one of your most prized possesions upright and accessible.

Made from 100% recycled plastic and anodized aircraft grade aluminum, this space-saving bike stand features a contoured and felt lined cradle that easily adjusts to hug the shape of your bike’s wheel for added stability.

Be good to your bike. Simply cradle it vertically to save space or horizontally to show it off.


  • 19.50” L x 15.00” W x 5.75” H
  • Weight: 5 lbs
  • Patent Pending
Marcus Robinson
Inventor of TBLOCKS & The Bike Cradle™

Birth of The Bike Cradle™

Marcus Robinson invented TBLOCKS Transition Racks in 2013 as a better way to rack bikes at triathlon events. Demand for them grew after they were used at the iconic IRONMAN World Championship. So, Marcus developed The Bike Cradle™ to meet this demand.

Verified Reviews

A traveling requirement!

I’ve been using the previous aluminum version of the bike cradle whenever I traveled for 2+ years now. It’s an absolute requirement at hotels and AirBnB stays! Now Marcus has gone and improved the bike cradle once again and I can’t believe it!! The new recycled plastic cradle is lighter but yet feels super sturdy, the felt lining is super gentle on my carbon wheels (even great with my disc wheel) and the new threaded adjuster makes adapting the cradle to different bikes super easy and fast. I can go from supporting my Triathlon bike to a mountain bike in just seconds. If you travel with your bike and hate leaning it against the chairs, walls and tables in your hotel room, you must get a bike cradle!

Ryne Hoover
Transitions and Storage

Excellent solution for BOTH storage and practicing transitions. The weight and footprint make it a semi-portable option. Quality! Great purchase!

Khadijah Diggs - Triathlete
How do you not have one at home!

This stand is perfect to keep in home or take on the go. I take it to group bike rides, solo rides, training trips & races. It's light and the aluminum legs are removable for easier transport. No worries about scratching my carbon wheels due to cradle being lined with felt. You can even change the width of the cradle to accommodate mountain bike tires or triathlon skinny tires. It's one of the most versatile pieces of equipment I own. Go cop one now.

Marcus Fitts
Great solution for small spaces

Clean simple way to get a bike up and out of the way in an apt or dorm. Base unscrews easily and could fit in a backpack for travel. Nice!

Space Saver!!!

Love the design and simplicity of the product. And the fact it's easy to mount, and in my case lift to sit against the wall... makes is a space saver and a neat decoration when I'm not using it.

Corey P.
Simplicity with functionality

Definitely one of the best and lightest bike storage racks I’ve ever owned. Its minimalist design takes up very little space and the use of recycled plastic shows that no details were spared. The Bike Cradle allows me to adjust to the wheel width of my bike for a customized fit and it’s easy in, easy out afterwards. Highly recommended!

Awesome product

I've been riding for the last ten years, and have stored my bike in several different ways and have yet to find an easy, space-saving product- until now. Its light-weight and deft design makes it easy for me to store my bike in my small apartment. Thanks Marcus!

This year's must-have accessory!

Biking has been my hobby since I was a teenager. Today I live in small apartment where space is scarce, and I do not want to get rid of my bike because of this. The bike cradle fits perfectly in my living room and I am happy that I bought it recently. If you like being organized and want to have a neat place you should give it a try.